This spell has been altered to more closely match the PHB. The area of effect is a 30 foot radius. Outsiders are banished. All enemy creatures and all PCs of the opposing alignment are affected. The individual effects depend upon the HD of the creatures. There is no saving through, but spell resistance applies. Good/Evil take precedence over Law/Chaos. True Neutral priests cannot cast this spell.

Holy Word [Good]

  • 12+ HD: Deafened
  • 8-11 HD: Blinded, Deafened
  • 4-7 HD: Paralyzed, Blinded, Deafened
  • 1-3 HD: Killed, Undead Destroyed

Blasphemy [Evil]

  • 12+ HD: Dazed
  • 8-11 HD: Weakened, Dazed
  • 4-7 HD: Paralyzed, Wakened, Dazed
  • 1-3 HD: Killed

Dictum [Lawful]

  • 12+ HD: Deafened
  • 8-11 HD: Deafened, Slow
  • 4-7 HD: Paralyzed, Deafened, Slow
  • 1-3 HD: Killed

Chaos Word [Chaotic]

  • 12+ HD: Deafened
  • 8-11 HD: Deafened, Stunned
  • 4-7 HD: Confused, Deafened, Stunned
  • 1-3 HD: Killed

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