Vampire wiki

An unholy beast with a desire for blood.

Forever anchored to their coffins and the unholy earth of their graves, these nocturnal predators scheme constantly to fill the world with their foul progeny.Edit

CoA PC vampire information.Edit

  • Have 1 turn to get in out of the sun before accumulating damage.
  • Sun damage is 10/round. Should the vampire perish from accumulated sun-damage, they will suffer permanent death.
  • 10% movement increase. Monks or Barbarians (multi-classed or otherwise) do not receive this bonus.
  • Can travel in animal form for a limited duration beneath the sun, without accumulating damage.
  • Initially invisible for 3 rounds, if forced into a gaseous state by conventional death.
  • Undeath To Death, provided they fail their allowed save, should now permanently destroy a vampire.
  • Vampire PCs lose 10% of current XP on being forced into gaseous form, due to a "regular" death.
  • Upon being forced into gaseous form, a PC Vampire has 5 in-game hours in order to return to their coffin to rest. Should they fail to return to their coffin within this period of time, they will suffer permanent death.
  • Should a PC Vampire be forced into gaseous form while in possession of their coffin (100lb coffin token), they will suffer permanent death.
  • A vampire must be in close proximity to their coffin in order to rest/heal entirely.
  • Negative energy will heal a Vampire PC.
  • Positive energy (healing spells, potions, etc.) will harm a Vampire PC.
  • Vampire PCs receive a +5 turn resistance bonus.
  • Can be harmed by holy water.
  • A successful hit with a stake through the heart, will permanently destroy a vampire

CoA PC vampire statsEdit

  • ECL: 3
  • Ability Bonus: Charisma +2
  • Ability Bonus: Dexterity +2
  • Ability Bonus: Intelligence +2
  • Ability Bonus: Strength +4
  • Ability Bonus: Wisdom +2
  • Bonus Feat: Alertness
  • Damage Reduction: +1 Soak 10 Damage
  • Damage Resistance: Cold Resist 5 / -
  • Damage Resistance: Electrical Resist 5 / -
  • Damage Vulnerability: Divine 100% Damage Vulnerability
  • Darkvision