The Malarite faith has always spurned attempts to bind it, to tame it, but out of the Hullack came a feral cry that announced a new kind of hunter as the Red Moon rose, for good or ill of the city. Their small nu

Redmoon Isignia

mbers did nothing to hold them back, and their constant feuding with the likes of the Theur Everae only raced higher when they were granted some legal authority over the Hullack. Their history, laced with terrible rumours of desecrating holy ground of Chuantea with bloody revelry to brutalising elves is also filled with harsh defeats, of Theur Everae striking out of the shadows of the Hullack, of murders both on their part and against them against the infamous Scarlet Talons.

They survived those bitter rivalries however, and would go on to plant Malar's standard high in the midst of the mighty Hullack, enflaming the hearts and minds of Arabellens as new adversaries challanged their dominion. -Hessu/lizard


Helmar Bloodchurn - Super Hessu

Kitara Rift - lizardman

Buliwyf Rehlgraf - drubes14

Neallta Fola - secretplayer

Shaudros - Black Rain Dog

Dante Alvarna - Velve

Linn - DeathfortheDull

Hroar - Enkii

Andros Ashenmark -

Millan Colds - Verk

Sayra - AngrySloth

Kili the Skald - cadiz stoker

Red - FZ

Nefzen Zahar -gDarDog

Bearblood - ZarronMorden616

Jikelten Kiregan -

Karic Sawman - cadiz stoker

Alex Hella- gDarDog

Nino the Beast -DiaboSatan

Silene Tarleseph - Ryr396

Dagmar the Rat - Foba83

Jac Doormouse - QuaintlyOddish

Volonte - NeolithicHeartbeat