Summoning ThemeEdit


A trio of Water Elementals.

Here is a list of all Summoning Themes available in CoA and their default access (if any). All themes are available through certain reagents or tomes. Some alignment restrictions may apply (good/evil). It is possible to apply for a different default summoning theme for your character than the base one. This can also be earned IG.

  1. - Animals (Druids, clerics with Animal Domain, certain nature deities)
  2. - Vermin/Ooze (Evil druids, Deity spesific)
  3. - Fiendish animals (Evil) [only evil]
  4. - Celestial animals (Good) [only good]
  5. - Malar beasts (Malar deity)
  6. - Frost beasts (Auril deity)
  7. - Undead (Necromancer)
  8. - Slaadi
  9. - Dragons, Chromatic [only evil]
  10. - Dragons, Metallic [only good]
  11. - Infernal, Devils and Demons [non-good]?
  12. - Celestials [only good]?
  13. - War, summoned weapons. (Dwarves, Clerics of battle deities)
  14. - Spirits/Fey (Elves)
  15. - Constructs (Gnomes, CoG)
  16. - Elementals (Elemental deities)
  17. - Magical animals (Neutral casters, Clerics with Magic domain)
  18. - Shadows (Rift magic) [only Lyssans]
  19. - Reptiles/crocodiles (Custom)

The list is not yet complete and not entirely correct nor exhaustive in terms of default summoning themes. You may use the PC Mode switch tool on regeants to change these themes for a single spell at the cost of the regeant. Or target a summoning book for a more permanent solution. Not mentioning which regeant does what since discovery is half the fun! A general idea however is that items dropped by monsters can sometimes be used to summon a similiar kind of monster. Certain domains or deities can override the original racial/alignment theme. Rare or special themes are otherwise FOIG.

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