Rangers on City of Arabel have been subject to a few changes. The changes are as follows.Edit

Pureclassing Rangers (Characters with Ranger levels who have not taken levels in any other class) are subject to the following benefits.

  • Reflex Save Increase: A ranger's reflex save is increased to the high progression, (that progression being the same as his fortitude saves, see Ranger)
  • New Class Skills: A ranger's ranks in Tumble and Disable Traps skills are doubled in value, in order to emulate having these as class skills.
  • Skill Bonus: A ranger gets a +1 bonus on spot, listen and search, these bonuses increase to +2 at level 6 and +3 at level 12.
  • Dodge AC Bonus against favored enemy: +2 Dodge AC for each of the ranger's favored enemy.

Tracking: Rangers can use the tracking skill to discern the location of PC's or NPC's in the map area they are in by using the chat command ".track"

Animal Companions: In City of Arabel, Animal companions where also subject to change. See Animal Compaion Changes for more information.