The Sigil of House Bhaliir during the reign of Azoun IV and Azoun V

"During an era of great upheaval in the North, a notorious House would fall to ruin and break forever the scale of power as Arabel knew it."

House Bhaliir was one of the four prominent noble houses of Arabel that upheld the rule of Cormyr in the north. They were infamously besmirched and branded traitors during the Civil war. With the death of lord Lheskar Bhaliir, the bloodline of the house was widely regarded to be extinct.

Insight on the House Edit

Of all the lords of Arabel, there were none who were more despised and/or feared than those of house Bhaliir. If it wasn't for their sharp wits, deep pockets and seemingly undying loyalty to the Crown, they would've surely found themselves at the end of a noose long before the events of the Civil war.

The common folk of Arabel widely regarded House Bhaliir with awe, for to most their operations were shrouded with mystery and ill repute. During the reign of King Lheskar (the impostor), some believed an assassin would visit them at night, if they outspoke against Arabels sovereign. The disappearances would account to this.

Most adventurers perceived them as the oppressors and thugs that they were, as even before the Civil war House Bhaliir held the southern districts of Arabel under an iron grip, which to the goodly men bordered tyranny even then.

Strangely enough though, house Bhaliir would find most of its support from these very districts, and to this day remains the only legal authority that could ever establish order to the Slums, its retainers patrolling its streets unmolested.

There was an endless race for control and influence between the four major houses of Arabel, but the struggle between House Bhaliir and House DeSchurr was the worst. Constant clashes between these two rivals would eventually tear them both apart, with outside parties thus gaining foothold in their stead and provoking a chaotic struggle of power in the north.

History Edit

House Bhaliir was the very epitome of shady nobility if there ever was one in the lawful good nation of Cormyr.. It gained its riches- whilst ever operating on the edge of the law- through copious investments in several enterprises alongside owning two prominent taverns, the Dancing Dragon and the Dancing Dracolisk. 

 Acting as the protectorate of the slums and southern district, they built their estate there and set their House guards to patrol its streets. House Bhaliir became beloved by the poor and outcasts of society, many of whom found food and safety under their employ. Yet only the most loyal -and often the most cunning- were ever considered worthy of wearing their colors, for the house valued its integrity above all else- and were well known to do everything to uphold it.

Bhaliir's departure - Winter 1376 Edit

With the threat of war against the Shadovar looming ever nearer, all the noble houses of Arabel had been issued the Call to Arms by the Regent of Cormyr. If any of them saw in it a chance to server their country, it is uncertain; all that is certain is that at least one noble house wished to use the unruly times ahead as a means to further its own lot. What perhaps no one expected was for Lord Lheskar Bhaliir to fool his own retainers so.

What began as an exercise in ambition and resourcefulness burst into a harsh reality as Bhaliir staged a masterful act in which all and sundry were fooled into believing the militia of Arabel did not only seek to undermine him, but rob him and steal into his estate. Within days of the capture of a militia agent in the Bhaliir estate unlawfully, the Lord was announcing his self-imposed exile with the sympathy of his people behind him. All that he left behind were a few uncertain retainers who quickly resorted to the villains they were without the facade of a noble covering their true selves as they set off into the underworld from whence they came - an infernalist, a thief and a murderer. -lizard

Callahan Corporation - Spring 1377 Edit

The mysterious Callahan Corporation turned up on the doorstep of Arabel's poorest district, and promptly set about transforming it into a quarter bordering on affluent, with new buildings and fine architecture appearing where no one had dared build before; even the locals were offered many jobs through the corporation, something which they dearly lacked in the past. It was only once Callahan Corporation was a name on every dweller of the "South-east District" - as it had now come to be known - that the benefactor and sponser of all these rennovations made himself known: none other than the previously vanished Lord Lheskar Bhaliir. The surprise turned to shock after shock, as in tow he brought his friends from his self-imposed exile: many Duergar, Beholders and formally inducted the heads of the Callahan Corporation as his personal retainers. -lizard

King Lheskar, the tyrant, the impostor - Winter 1377 Edit

Many adventurers tried their luck to little avail against Bhaliir's duergar and beholder allies, where the other political rivals vying for control of the city remained primarily too hesitant to weaken themselves unnecessarily by joining in. All that is, except for Deschurr, who readily clashed with everyone hindering his expansion but met his match in Bhaliir. Turned to stone and having lost most of his army in one battle, House Deschurr looked to his daughter, Anya, for guidance, and it came in the form of the Phoenix Legion taking its first steps into Arabel, as House Deschurr proclaimed its allegience to the Phoenix King. All was not well for the Tyrant King however, as the increasing obsession of his minions to capture and enslave adventurers resulted in the petrified Lord Mitchell Deschurr being returned to flesh by a well prepared group inside King Bhaliir's dungeons; his release caused an eruption right in the heart of Bhaliir's realm as the legendary warrior carved a path out of the palace. Lheskar Bhaliir's reign came to an end, but on his own terms. As adventurers rallied together to free his slaves, the Tyrant welcomed them to the sight of south Arabel collapsing into a seemingly bottomless pit. Descending with his army, King Bhaliir seemingly withdrew from the civil war, although rumours and sightings persist to this day of his influence from whatever land his reach now extends. -lizard

Prominent Figures Edit

Lord Lheskar Bhaliir Edit

Lord Lheskar Bhaliir, the last Lord of the house, built his family fortune through trade and commerce, enjoying lucrative trade routes with many varied organisations. Although the last Lord Bhaliir did not own any caravan lines of his own, he generally transferred his goods along the networks of other merchant companies especially the Iron Throne. He demanded that his House remains paragons of humanity, which is of course why he refuses to hire or employ any non-humans.

He believed that those that break the law and those that interfere with businesses should be dealt with harshly. They were not citizens; they did not deserve the same rights as citizens. This led him to have open hostile views on the weaknesses of the city militia lack of interest to enforce the laws.

Many believe that during the conflict of the Civil war in 1377 DR, when the nobility of the Arabel turned upon the Crown for control of Arabel. That it was during this era, that Lord Leshkar Bhaliir of Arabel was taken captive by beholders whom had been twisted to the service of the Rift. It was during this time that the Callahan Cooperation revealed to be under command of the Lord Leshkar Bhaliir, before throwing the City Militia out of the South of Arabel by force. Unknown to the Arabellian population, it was not truly Lord Bhaliir whom had assumed power of the South.

Utilizing the authority of Lord Bhalir, the beholder used Lord Bhaliir’s powers to open a chasm in the southern section of Arabel. A chasm which physically revealed the Rift, which had lain buried deep beneath Arabel. Luckily for Arabel, it was soon uncovered that Lheskir Bhaliir was in fact captured, and the false Lord Bhaliir to have been a beholder bent on domination of Arabel and the true responsiblity for much of its political instability over the years. However the adventurers of Arabel were unable to slay the beholder which had taken Bhaliir’s image. Once freed, it was discovered that the true Lord Bhaliir had become insane during his capitivity by the beholders. Unfit to be Lord nor a free man, Lord Bhaliir spent the rest of his days in captivity by the War Wizards. With no heir, the family name of Bhaliir ended.

Many years later, it was revealed that Myrmeen Lhal had faked her own death to battle the beholder whom had taken Bhaliir’s disguise. Finally the beholder was slain once and for all, yet sadly Lord Bhaliir had died many years before.

Appendix Edit - The Early Timeline of Arabel.Courtesy of Lizardman - An IC book in the library detailing the four major houses of Arabel. Courtesy of Puffy