4e Githzerai

Githzerai look very human, though they are thinner and their skin tone is frequently gray or yellowish.

Githzerai look very human, though they are thinner and their skin tone is frequently gray or yellowish. They are, on average, six feet in height and about one hundred sixty pounds in weight. Most have a high natural resistance to magic. Most Githzerai roaming the Planes are either monks, mages, or rogues. Combinations thereof are also possible. They seldom become priests. Instead of worshipping a god, a form of slavery in their opinion, they revere the memory of their ancient hero, Zerthimon. His followers call themselves zerth.

Unlike their relatives the githyanki, the githzerai do not normally fight with weapons, nor do they utilize long-distance psionic attacks against their enemies. Rather, the githzerai prefer to bring the "good fight" to their enemies typically meaning the githyanki and the illithids. Their combat abilities including their psionic powers are geared more toward unarmed combat, hence the large number of githzerai who become warrior monks. Githzerai often organize war parties called rrakkma for the explicit purpose of hunting illithids. A rrakkma does not return from such an excursion until it has killed at least as many illithids as there are githzerai in the war party.Edit

The ancestors of the githzerai (the "forerunners") were once slaves to the illithids, a race of powerful telepaths who mentally enslaved sentient humanoids to work as the backbone of their vast worlds-spanning empire. It is believed these slaves were originally humans transformed through selective breeding. Eventually, these slaves developed mental resistance to their masters' mind control and, under the guidance of their leader Gith, revolted. This led to the fall of the illithid empire.Edit

Gith, however, was not satisfied with the destruction of the illithids alone, and sought to spread the war to any race that could potentially enslave her people again. She was opposed in this endeavor by the followers of Zerthimon, who believed that such a path would lead their people to corruption and ruin. Thus, at the Pronouncement of Two Skies, the gith race factionalized into the githyanki and the githzerai, the former of whom settled in the astral plane.Edit

Zerthimon's teachings can be summarized as following.Edit

  1. Strength lies in knowing oneself; those who do not know themselves are lost and open to the manipulations of others.
  2. A willingness to learn is a sign of strength.
  3. Endure. In enduring, grow strong.
  4. Learn to see the whole, or be blinded to the truth.
  5. Many in unison can accomplish more than many alone.
  6. Seek balance, or lose sight of your goal.
  7. Patience is a virtue.
  8. Focus and discipline are the key to strength; diversion is the key to weakness.

PC Githerazi StatsEdit

  • They get Daze 1/day as an innate ability.
  • They have +2 DEX and WIS, and a -2 INT.

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