Hailing from the land of cut-throat mercantilism, the Sembians opened a trading house in the city of Arabel. While viewed with mistrust by many, they nevertheless brought a needed

Fivestar Banner

economic boost to the city since the absence of the Thayan enclave. The Sembians operate out of a building in western Arabel and sell wares and services from there. Individual members of the Fivestars pursue their own interests and business under the Fivestar umbrella, and as long as profits continue to flow back to Sembia, they are free to do as they please.

Ranks and Promotions

  • Bodyguards: Simply that—hired muscle and protection for the merchants. Any merchant can hire a bodyguard, provided the company owners approve of their background.
  • Merchants: The people who do the enclave's business, buying and selling and making profits.
  • High Merchants: Individuals who sit on the Chancellery, the ruling body of the Enclave. Position as a high merchant is purchased by obtaining a single piece of Fivestar Company stock, valued at 20,000 gold per share. The more shares an individual holds, the more prestige they hold in the Chancellery. Most members reside in Sembia and communicate to the Ranking Chancellor, who runs the enclave by letter.
  • Ranking Chancellor: The individual who holds the most stake in the company currently residing at the enclave at any point in time. The Ranking Chancellor sees to the day to day profit of the enclave and administers its operations. He may dismiss members, strip shares, and administer justice on behalf of the company.

Requirements to Join: Fivestar MerchantEdit

This faction is nolonger accepting new entrants and is closed as a DM faction

  • Preferred level: Preferred before creation. It costs 20,000 gold to join after creation and buy stock in the company.
  • Class Limitations: None
  • Alignment: None
  • Race Limitations: Human or halfling preferred; non-elf.
  • Preferred Deity: Waukeen (any will work, though)
  • Other: Ranks in appraise and persuade preferred.

Requirements to Join: Fivestar Bodyguard

  • Preferred level: Any
  • Class Limitations: None (though the company typically supplies bodyguards with heavy armor).
  • Alignment: None
  • Race Limitations: None (elves should expect heavy discrimination in a Sembian company, however)
  • Preferred Deity: Any acceptable to your merchant.
  • Other: A bodyguard must have the recommendation of his merchant. Additionally the company must approve of the potential guard's dedication to the company's mission and loyalty to the company as a whole. This means any bodyguard must be more than a simple protector; they must also be proactively looking for ways to benefit the company's finances by hunting down expensive relics for sale, standing up to the company's enemies, engaging in diplomacy with other organizations, or somehow promoting the Fivestars as a whole.

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