Familiars in CoA have had cosmetic changes. And some general mechanical changes

Cosmetic ChangesEdit

All 'magical familiars' are replaced by standard familiars.

  • Hell Hounds replaced by Dogs
  • Panthers by Cats
  • Raven remains Raven
  • Bat remains Bat
  • Pixie replaced by Chicken
  • Fairy Dragon replaced by Spider
  • Ice Mephit by Beetle
  • Imp by Parrot
  • Eyeball by Rat
  • Fire Mephit by Snake
  • Psuedodragon by Lizard

Mechanical ChangesEdit

Familiars are greatly reduced in power. They have had removed their damage reduction, their regeneration, and spell like abilities. They have penalties to skills they were given for the OC, like Disable Device and Open Lock. They are not tanks, or mages, or rogues. They are companions and friends. PHB-like bonuses have now been added. (You must find out what these special 'perks' are in game for yourselves though.)