Formed in 1382 DR by Sophia Silverscale of Bahamut, Landon Tyrell of Torm and Tracker Collas of Nobanion, the Covenant of Justice quickly grew in numbers. More and more Paladins, Priests, Rangers and others of good intent and heart joined their ranks, aided in fortifying Eveningstar and helped make the Golden Unicorn a very well visited tavern.


It started as a small movement to oppose the tyranny of the Sheriffs of Arabel who have gained power through a coup of a wizard by the name of Kreswell. The self proclaimed Baron of Arabel is rumored to be an infernalist and some of his closest Sheriffs were already dismissed from service after massive public pressure due to their dealings with bloodstones and pit fiends. In the meantime the Covenant of Justice has grown to a sizeable rebellion with support from the Red Harts, noble Houses and other allies which shall reveal their identities in due time.

In the meantime their goals have grown, not only to overhrow the Baron Kreswell but also to destroy the Devil Dragon, rebuild the town of Flynn, stop the trade of Bloodstones, destroy a powerful Lich, .. the list seems endless.

Prominent MembersEdit

  • Justicar Sophia Silverscale of Bahamut
  • Knight Errant Landon Tyrell, Paladin of Torm
  • Tracker Collas of Nobanion
  • Salnar of Tempus
  • Paladin Aisha the Sword of At'ar
  • Paladin Tess Ableton of Chauntea

Requirements to Join

  • Preferred level: Any
  • Preferred Classes: Any
  • Preferred Deity: Any goodly
  • Preferred Alignments: LG, NG, LN, CG
  • Race Limitations: None
  • Other: Willingness to oppose a powerful NPC and PC faction with a strong focus on conflict, roleplay and possible death in PvP. Important to make it fun for all involved and to roll with the punches for we got a story to tell.