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Coat of Arms


The C0G entered Arabel in 1378DR, constructing a smoky, hulking structure in the city slums. Their members began selling some of their strange inventions almost immediately, leading many to believe they are in Arabel as a trading and manufacturing company.

Its members know better. They came to Arabel with a wider purpose: a chance to remake the Forgotten Realms, to improve the power of mortals and make life easier through "gnome-gineering" and Gondtech by reducing reliance upon magic, which can be used only by the elite, and creating tools and machines that bring power and independence to all people regardless of their magical ability.

Requirements to JoinEdit

  • Preferred level: Any
  • Preferred Classes: Any. (Wizard, Rogue, and Cleric most commonly)
  • Preferred Deity: Gond, Oghma, other deities of knowledge or creation
  • Preferred Alignments: Chaotic.
  • Race Limitations: Humans and gnomes are most common, but any race is suitable.