The wizard's guild of Arabel has existed for some years, but has recently become extremely active under the guidance of Guild Master Isodore Maleen. This half-elf is seeking to promote a magocracy within Arabel—he feels wizards are superior due to their training, patience, self-control, and personal power.
Companions of the Weave

The wizard's guild currently controls central Arabel and is maintains the peace through their military arm, the Stark Wyverns. They seek to promote a wider practice of the magical arts and to focus Arabel's trade more specifically on magical goods and knowledge. Several whisper, though, that the guild is looking to monopolize magical knowledge and use it even more heavy-handedly than the War Wizards once did. It is rumored that the guild's policy even actively encourages its own members to spy upon one another in an effort to help Isodore Maleen maintain dominance.

The Stark Wyverns, easily recognizable in their grey and maroon armor, are mostly comprised of former mercenaries and war veterans. Members of Lord Mitchell DeSchurr's Green Dragons, veterans of the Talassan War (rumor holds that many fought for the priests of Talos), and even deserters from the recent Civil War. Many recognize a rivalry between the Wyverns and the City Militia, a feud sparked quite specifically because the Wyverns obtain funding from the city's taxes—funding that was directly taken from the City Militia's budget.

Requirements to Join: GuildEdit

  • Preferred Level: None
  • Preferred Classes: Wizards, but any can work if they have a tie to magic.
  • Alignment: Any
  • Race: Any
  • Preferred Deity: Any with Magic or Spells domains
  • Other: To join the Guild, you must contact them in-game and perform some minor service, often gathering information and spell regents. No application is necessary to do this! Simply perform your duty, and the Guild will offer membership as a Novice. To earn full membership in the Guild, you need an NPC sponsor after becoming a Novice. Obtaining a sponsor often requires performing services that improve the Guild. Further details are available once you join the faction, but full membership comes with better gear, more influence in the faction, and other perks.

Requirements to Join: Stark WyvernsEdit

  • Preferred Level: None
  • Preferred Classes: None, but some melee ability is expected, along with the ability to wear heavy armor.
  • Alignment: Any
  • Race: Any
  • Preferred Deity: Any with Magic or Spells domains (or deities focused on protection).
  • Other: To join the Wyverns you must demonstrate your commitment to the building of a magocracy within Arabel. You must perform duties that promote and strengthen this cause above and beyond simply being a bodyguard. Stark Wyverns can be called upon to serve as bodyguards, support militia, diplomats, combat instructors, hunters and far more. However, Stark Wyverns must be sponsored by a full member of the guild, so you must gain an in-game recommendation from an existing member.