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Joining the server

Server Gamespy Location: City of Arabel, PW Story.
Server IP Information: or
CoA Forums:
Or join our irc channel #CoA on the IRC Dark Myst network.
NWN critical rebuild link

City Of Arabel Downloader & Launcher [1] link. Click here and a small app will download any City of Arabel unique updates and launch NWN into the game server.

New Players

Dot_Commands A guide to the various ingame chat commands and their uses.
Game_Mechanics_Changes Changes to various game mechanics.
Construction_based_crafting City of Arabel's non-feat based crafting system goes here.
Crafting City of Arabel's feat based crafting system.
Deities_and_Domains City of Arabel's custom domains.
Custom_Weapons Custom weapons implemented in City of Arabel.

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