A new Animal Companion system has been created for Rangers and Druids. The build in system has been disabled. As such selecting and naming a companion at level up is of no value.

The purpose behind changing the Animal Companion system was to develop new opportunities to interact with other characters and the environment. In brief, you now have to explore and adventure to find a companion and then tame it and name it. When your companion dies, it is lost for good. You will need to search for and tame another.


There are three commands that are used to manage the system.


is used to tame a beast that you have dominated through the normal Animal Empathy system. You may have one animal companion at a time. If your companion dies, you must find a replacement before you can summon a companion again. Taming a new companion will replace your old companion.

.companname [name]

is used to name your new companion. This may be typed at any time before or after taming a beast. This command also allows CoG members to name their Gondsmen and Paladins to name their squires


is used to summon or dismiss your companion. You may summon and dismiss a companion as often as you like. You may choose to set this last commmand in a hotkey as a macro for easy access. This allows CoG members to summon their Gondsmen as well.

/tk .compansum

You are restricted by class and level as to what animal you may tame as a companion. Your Animal Empathy also affects the equation. Druids can tame hardier animals than rangers. Rangers may not tame until level 3.