City of Arabel is a Neverwinter Nights Persistent World module. It's a server vault system and is active and accessible 24/7, with downtime only due to crashes and maintenance. It is primarily a role-playing server, as opposed to a module where the main goal is character level advancement. There is a player-driven economy system in place. To play you must have NWN and the Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of tthe Underdark expansions. There is no password required.

Arabel is heavily scripted, and includes HCR, with significant server-specific changes. It has over 1500 scripts, many of which are unique to Arabel. There are many quests to complete, and they can 'reset', so that these quests can be completed by different parties. Some heavily scripted 'events' that occur include caravan missions, arena fights, and the joining of various city factions.

DMs play often, and have many scripted tools at their disposal for creating quests in game. DM interaction occurs very frequentl, and is usually in the form of possessing city guardsmen, beggars, thieves, merchants, and the like—NOT as 'gods' or 'supreme beings'. Arabel's DM philosophy is to roleplay along with other players, instead of acting as deities that must be worshipped.

  • Type: Persistent World Story Module set in the City of Arabel, Cormyr.
  • World: Forgotten Realms, 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons Rules
  • Player Base: Maximum of 55 players at a time.

The server may be joined by visiting the PW Story Room of Game Spy and choosing City of Arabel. You may also use the direct connect feature; the server name is

Rules and InformationEdit

Setting-Specific Roleplaying ResourcesEdit

NWN ResourcesEdit

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