In the city of arabel, the spell focus and greater spell focus feats grant various benefits beyond their original intent, some of the schools remain unchanged as they are DC intensive but those to which the feats help little have been "spiced up" the changes are as follows.Edit


Spell focus Conjuration: makes summons last 25% longer and lets you summon 2 creatures at the same time.
Greater Spell Focus Conjuration makes summons last 50% longer, and lets you summon 3 creatures at the same time.
Every additional creature you summon (beyond the first) makes the summons last 25% less long, but generaly summoning as many as your limit allows won't bring the duration under the default duration without the feats.


  • Spell Focus Transmutation: Gives you gem attunement, When you reach caster level 3 in any spellcasting class you can cast a spell in a gem of high enough value and it will make an attuned gem at the cost of xp and gold. It can be used by anyone and will cast the spell you put in it (once), the caster level for this is predetermined, as is the DC for the spell.
  • Both Spell Focus and Greater Spell Focus Transmutation will add new available forms to polymorph. See here for more detail.


Spell focus: Abjuration and Greater spell focus: Abjuration: will allow the following spells to be casted as if 2 and 4 levels higher, respectively:
  • Shield
  • Lesser Dispel (only +1/+2 for this spell)
  • Dispel Magic
  • Minor Globe of invulnerability
  • Greater dispelling
  • Lesser Spell Mantle
  • Globe of Invulnerability


Spell focus Necromancy: Will allow you to animate two undead creatures at the same time.
Greater Spell focus necromancy: Will allow you to animate up to three undead creatures at the same time. These undead are further customisable by City of Arabel's reagent system - use your PC switch on an item to test how it works as a spell component.
In addition your summoning template for purposes of the summon monster spells will now summon undead spirits by default.

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